About Rooms

A luxury apartment of a historic scenic beauty form house

Machiya-style TONARI is designated as Nara historic scenic beauty from house. We made TONARI to an apartment, which floats a scent of cedar by using a plenty of Nara-no-ki (Yoshino cedar).

A unique house looked like a terraced one

3 Japanese-style rooms (2 of 4 tatami & half mats and 1 of 6 tatami mats).

By staying with your friends, family or a couple, a memorial time will definitely be experienced.

Please taste old atmosphere of Japan, and these rooms match well with this expression. When all of fusuma (*) between each room is open, these three rooms can be used as one large room, so please use this room for your purpose.

(*) fusuma is a framed and papered sliding door used as a room partition.

Relax and enjoy your own meals.

TONARI serves a simple breakfast, but no lunch nor dinner.  

If the guests want to cook a meal by themselves, a small kitchen helps to do it and foodstuffs can be obtained at a supermarket nearby.

The several numbers of café are available too.

TONARI and around it

Basic information

Guests can use all 3 Japanese rooms.



(Luggage can be deposited before 15:00.) 



Number of guests

1~ 10


by major credit cards(VISA / AMEX / Mastercard / JCB) or cash

Facility and amenity


TV set, Air conditioner, Humidified Air purifier, Futon and sheets

Bath room

Hinoki (local cypress) bath-tub 

Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap, Face towel, Bath towel, Yukata(*), Bathrobe, Hair drier, Toothbrush, Razor

(*)Informal cotton kimono for summer, and also for nightclothes.


No preparation of these goods for children.


Shower toilet


IH stove, Refrigerator, Microwave oven, Electric kettle, Diches, Cups, Glasses, Mugs, Other Cookware, Green-tea bags, Drip Coffee, Natural Water(Pet bottle)


Wireless LAN Wi-Fi (free of charge)

Bicycle – please use rental bicycles from rental shop nearby.


1.Japanese-style rooms … 29.5

(4.5 tatami mats x 2 & 6 tatami mats x 1 with wooden deck)

2.Earth(dirt) floor… 7.5

3.Corridor … 8.5㎡z

4.Kitchen … 2.6

5.Washing space … 7.5(Bathroom, Undressing room, Toilet)

6.Detached room … 20.5

7.Courtyard … 11.5




TONARI serves a simple breakfast.

Kitchen can be used freely.


Reserved parking lot for one compact car is available.


Please notice it on reservation.



because of the old wooden house. Please understand.