In the westside of GANGO-JI Temple(World Heritage).

TONARI is located in Naramachi(old district) originally started from Nara Era(710~784).

You can savor an atmosphere of the good and old Japan from this impressive and emotional guesthouse.

Accommodation at Naramachi

Waking up at the dawn by a sound of temple bell of KOFUKU-JI Temple(World Heritage)

You can hear a sound of temple bell at the dawn of this quiet town by staying at TONARI.

It is recommended to walk around Naramachi by passing through narrow streets early in the morning before people come out, and walk to Nara Park too.

TONARI's Location

In the westside of the GANGO-JI.

Naramachi's history is started as a temple town of GANGO-JI and KOFUKU-JI,and passes the atmosphere for  a long time. 

In such an old district, Naramachi, TONARI is completed as the renovated symbolic type accommodation facility. This can offer you to have an experience, as if you live in this old town for many years.

TONARI is located in historic streets and houses of Naramachi continued from Nara Era, and this guesthouse proves a succession of history and tradition in accordance with the changes of each era since Nara Era up to now.

Nara Historic Scenic Beauty Form House

TONARI is designated as Historic Scenic Beauty Form House authorized by Nara City. A plenty of local Yoshino cedar (brand name: Nara-no-ki) is used, and a cedar scent floats in all rooms.

TONARI is built by a classic architecture called as




The height of ceiling of the second floor restricts the height of the house low. In principle, this architecture is applied for two stories house. There are windows between the ceilings of the first and second floors. This Japanese architecture was completed in Edo Era and this style continued until later Meiji Era. In general, this is called as CHU-NIKAI too.


About rooms

All rooms are reserved exclusively by one group or one family of guests only per day.

3 Japanese-style rooms,kitchen, detached room and courtyard are available. Machiya-style apartment TONARI built in the end of Edo Era is renovated by using Yoshino cedar and local cypress. 

Private Bar

Bar is available for the guests only and opened along with thier reguests.

The special private time and space can be enjoyed.


It takes approx. 12 min. by walk from Kintetsu Nara station.

You go through a shopping arcade, and then, you arrive machiya-style guesthouse TONARI located in the old town Naramachi.