Private Policy

Please read through contents before staying.

We would ask you to comply with our policy to ensure the publicity and safety.

We may decline you stay, in case that you do not comply with our policy.

  1. TONARI is an old wooden house, so the inside of facility is NO SMOKING & NO FIRE! Please obey “non-smoking and non-using any kinds of fire”.
  2. TONARI is located in a middle of a quiet residential area, so please avoid making a loud noise and any kinds of embarrassments to the neighbors.
  3. Please do not bring any kinds of the following items into TONARI.
    ・Animals, Birds
    ・Extremely odorous items
    ・Not licensed firearms, knives, swords and legally prohibited marijuana or any kinds of drugs.
  4. Please do not invite anyone other than the registered guests, and also, do not let anyone stay without our consent.

  5. Regarding all kinds of equipments inside of facility, please comply with the followings.
    Do not move any of them.
    Do not make any changes from original ones.
    Do not use them for other purposes except original ones.
    We would charge a compensation, in spite that those are intentionally and/or mistakenly damaged by a guest.
  6. Cancellation policy: 
    In case of cancellation, please contact us by e-mail, fax or phone 15 days prior to your reserved day of stay. The following cancellation fee is applied.

    No visit without notice    :  100%
    On the day of reservation :  100%
    One day before               :   50%
    214 days before           :   30%
    15 days before               :   None
  7. In case of non-arrive by 20:00, and/or 2 hours are passed from the expected arrival time (latest by 21:00), we would judge that your reservation is canceled.
  8. If non-arrival is caused by unavoidable reasons, such as delays/cancellations of the public transportation, or other irresistible force, a cancellation fee will not be charged by providing a certified paper.
  9. Please definitely advice when you change check-in time. There is a possibility that there is no staffs at the changed time without notice, so please be careful.  
  10. Room charge should be paid by the credit cards (VISA / AMEX / Mastercard / JCB) or cash.

  11. TONARI is surrounded by machiya-style houses, please finish taking a bath by 22:30 in order to avoid a noise trouble. In addition, if you are heavily influenced by alcohol, we refuse to do it.