making gripped black ink (sumi) for calligraphy

You can experience the drifting scents of ancient Japan in this workshop, as you shape raw black ink in your own hand to create “Gripped Black Ink” together with an explanation of this black ink.

Also, you experience “scent”, ”softness” and “warmth”, when you grip raw black ink. You can take your original and only one black ink back, which is put your hand and fingerprints.

Place KINKOEN, 547 Sanjo-cho, Nara

1. Gripped Black Ink experience ... ¥1,500

2. Gold leafing experience... ¥500

3. Experience of calligraphy ... ¥500

*Pay at KINKOEN.

*Tax is not included.


9:00~18:00 (Reservation is required)


Hand Towel for yourself


Please make it upon your arrival in TONARI.

In case that other memorial service or event are engaged, a reservation is not accepted.

You can take your own gripped black ink back home packed in a paulownia wooden


*Camera is OK.