Experience special tour guided by Shinto priest or maiden.

Shinto priest or maiden guide a tour of this shrine with making an explanation of a history and architecture to visitors. This helps to understand historic details deeply by getting a knowledge rightly.

By the installation of a sacred symbol in a new shrine in 2016, all buildings of KASUGA TAISHA were painted orange color newly, so that they became more beautiful.

About 1300 years ago, it is said that the first priest came here by riding on white deer, so deer is treated as a disciple of the God.

After that, under the order by Emperor Shutoku (=Koken), Fujiwara no Nagate (Sadaijin) started building four magnificent shrines at the mountainside of Mt. Mikasa on November 9th, 768. Therefore, 2018 is the memorial 1250th year after the foundation.

Since then, there are no changes presently compared with the old days, and Shinto rituals are served every morning and evening, 2200 times of festivals are held yearly, and this kind of rituals strives for not only Japanese peace, but world one, people’s happiness, and keeps praying for co-prosperity.

There are 3000 subsidiaries of KASUGA Shrine nationwidely, and performed 3,000 garden lanterns, that prove the wide spread of the deep and strong faith.


Nino-torii, 160 Kasugano-cho, Nara (in carport)
Fee ¥1,000(tax is not included)
Time Approx. 60 min. 

Please make it upon your arrival in TONARI.

In case that other memorial service or event are engaged, a reservation is not accepted.

Decision is made 2 weeks prior to a day of a tour.